Caleb Gilbertson

Caleb Gilbertson

Minneapolis, MN

About the author:

Caleb Gilbertson is the CEO and a founding partner of Imprint Engine. As an innovative entrepreneur, he’s helped hundreds of businesses, from startups to global fortune 500 companies, become more efficient. His focus on technology helps evolve entire organizations to be more forward thinking with their brand experiences and how those experiences come to life. Currently residing in Wayzata, Minnesota, he’s an avid snowboarder, global traveler, concert enthusiast and loves spending time with his wife and their dog, Winnie.


E-Commerce, Brand Strategy, Manufacturing, Global Logistics

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How to Maintain a Good Relationship With Customers

Posted on Wed Jun 12, 2024.

Are you struggling to balance marketing, sales, and event efforts while maintaining a good relationship with customers? You’re not alone. According to Forbes, 80% of customers want personalized experiences across all touch points. This is where it gets interesting. There is an essential piece that most brands are getting wrong when it comes to Customer Relationship […]

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What is Promotional Budget? An Essential Guide for Businesses

Posted on Tue Jun 4, 2024.

How to Create and Manage a Promotional Budget Have you ever wondered how some brands get their names on people’s lips? It’s not magic (although creative marketing can sometimes feel that way); a core part of their plans is having a promotional budget.  So, what is a promotional budget? This is the pile of cash […]

Watercolor drawing of a person giving another a gift on a vintage, watercolor, blue and purple background.

Can I Give a Gift to a Client? Understanding Corporate Gift Etiquette

Posted on Wed May 29, 2024.

Gifting is a powerful tool for strengthening relationships. Whether you’re rewarding a hard-working employee, celebrating a holiday, or acknowledging an important customer, a thoughtful gift tells them you value whatever it is they bring to the table. While there are some basic compliance rules like maintaining a low fair-market value, giving gifts to clients is […]

Image showing the Alyce logo vs the Sendoso logo vs the Imprint Engine logo

Alyce vs. Sendoso vs. Imprint Engine: Key Differences

Posted on Fri Apr 26, 2024.

Corporate gifting platform Sendoso recently announced its acquisition of Alyce, combining two of the more well-known companies in the promotional marketing space. However, the two platforms continue to operate independently. A growing industry means an ever-changing landscape of platforms available to streamline your business’s gifting goals. Let’s take a closer look at Alyce vs Sendoso, […]

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How to Set Your Swag Budget: Balancing Costs & Impact

Posted on Wed Apr 17, 2024.

So you’re in charge of your organization’s promotional products and brand experiences. Congrats! You may not think so yet, but this is going to be fun. Before we get into curating the perfect set of products and experiences for your team, you have to learn how to set your swag budget. Budgets for promo products […]

Purple gift boxes with paper cutouts of the Sendoso S, the Imprint Engine icon, and the Reachdesk R

Sendoso vs. Reachdesk vs. Imprint Engine: Key Differences

Posted on Tue Apr 16, 2024.

Gifting and promotional marketing are incredible tools for boosting sales and employee retention. But it’s not as simple as sending out products and waiting for the benefits to flow in. There are many different factors on your plate such as budgeting for quality products, sourcing said products, mastering the complicated art of logistics, managing ongoing […]

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5 Best SwagUp Alternatives 2024

Posted on Fri Apr 12, 2024.

It’s a simple fact: gifts are always worth the investment, but the promo industry can be an intimidating one to jump into. With the countless features and capabilities available, it’s hard to narrow down which brand marketing partner is the best fit for your company and goals. SwagUp is a popular option for managing brand […]

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Global Team Building: Initiatives We Found That Work

Posted on Wed Mar 27, 2024.

Remote work is transforming the workplace and empowering organizations to hire people from all over the world. Having a global team undoubtedly makes for great business. Dispersed employees provide increased diversity, local expertise, and an edge in an increasingly competitive global economy. But with physical distance, there are plenty of challenges when it comes to […]

How to Improve Corporate Social Responsibility: 7 Effective Strategies

Posted on Mon Mar 25, 2024.

The workforce is about to undergo significant changes. By 2025, 60% of employees will be millennials—a generation that places Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the forefront of their priorities. It involves environmental stewardship, community engagement, and ethical practices. Why should you be paying attention? In this blog, we’re going to cover actionable steps you can […]

How Gifting Nurtures Business, Relationships, Community

Posted on Thu Mar 7, 2024.

Technically we’re not scientists. But we do consider ourselves experts in the science behind brand experiences. We call it The Gifting Effect (so do researchers Michela Balconi and Giulia Fronda). It goes far beyond your company’s holiday party or branded merch. It’s ingrained in nearly every facet of our lives. The Gifting Effect entails more […]