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7 Sustainable Merchandise Ideas for Eco-Conscious Brands

In 2024, 90 percent of global consumers want companies to care about social and environmental issues. How can you become an eco-conscious brand that people want to interact with and buy from through sustainable merchandise ideas? Imprint Engine has more than a decade of experience helping brands create products that don’t end up in landfills […]

Hand reaching through a laptop screen holding a purple gift.

10 Virtual Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

Posted on Wed May 22, 2024.

As the leader of your virtual team, you play a pivotal role in driving their success (ding ding, here’s your cue!). To ensure all operations are headed in the right direction, prioritize employee appreciation. This fosters trust, engagement, and morale, and it becomes even more critical when geographical distance poses challenges to building rock-solid team […]

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2024 Corporate Gifting Trends: What’s Hot in Business Gifting

Posted on Thu May 16, 2024.

Since ancient times, people have exchanged gifts as symbols of appreciation — and after the Industrial Revolution, gifting swiftly became a business strategy. There are countless benefits to gifting, and always evolving corporate gifting trends, but our goal as your brand experience partner is to create meaningful moments that foster stronger connections. Click here to […]

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How to Build Customer Loyalty: 6 Tips

Posted on Fri May 10, 2024.

Let’s state the obvious: Businesses would cease to exist without customers. Establishing a loyal customer base is crucial to every brand’s success, but it doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly doesn’t happen by accident. There’s an art to understanding how to build customer loyalty. For over a decade at Imprint Engine, we’ve mastered the art of […]

How to Maintain Culture in a Global Organization

Posted on Tue May 7, 2024.

The world of work is evolving rapidly. Whether you’re based in America or New Zealand, remote work has shattered geographical barriers. This flexibility grants access to top talent from around the globe. But as possibilities expand, leaders also face new questions about how to maintain global company culture. As a global merchandise partner & distributor, […]

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Business Merchandise Ideas to Elevate Your Brand in 2024

Posted on Mon Apr 29, 2024.

Today’s businesses always look for new ways to connect with people. But let’s be honest: most branded merchandise ends up in the trash faster than you can say “swag.” How can we make your brand live long after the handshake meet-and-greet? Think high-quality. Our well-curated products not only create instant connections but also foster repeat […]

Image showing the Alyce logo vs the Sendoso logo vs the Imprint Engine logo

Alyce vs. Sendoso vs. Imprint Engine: Key Differences

Posted on Fri Apr 26, 2024.

Corporate gifting platform Sendoso recently announced its acquisition of Alyce, combining two of the more well-known companies in the promotional marketing space. However, the two platforms continue to operate independently. A growing industry means an ever-changing landscape of platforms available to streamline your business’s gifting goals. Let’s take a closer look at Alyce vs Sendoso, […]

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9 Creative Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas for 2024

Posted on Mon Apr 22, 2024.

Are you searching for the perfect gift for your employees? Perhaps it’s for the holidays or a birthday, but the pressure is on to find something within your budget that won’t receive a skeptical side-eye.  Hi, we’re Imprint Engine, a global merch curator, designer and distributor with access to all sorts of goods for your […]

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How to Set Your Swag Budget: Balancing Costs & Impact

Posted on Wed Apr 17, 2024.

So you’re in charge of your organization’s promotional products and brand experiences. Congrats! You may not think so yet, but this is going to be fun. Before we get into curating the perfect set of products and experiences for your team, you have to learn how to set your swag budget. Budgets for promo products […]

Purple gift boxes with paper cutouts of the Sendoso S, the Imprint Engine icon, and the Reachdesk R

Sendoso vs. Reachdesk vs. Imprint Engine: Key Differences

Posted on Tue Apr 16, 2024.

Gifting and promotional marketing are incredible tools for boosting sales and employee retention. But it’s not as simple as sending out products and waiting for the benefits to flow in. There are many different factors on your plate such as budgeting for quality products, sourcing said products, mastering the complicated art of logistics, managing ongoing […]

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5 Best SwagUp Alternatives 2024

Posted on Fri Apr 12, 2024.

It’s a simple fact: gifts are always worth the investment, but the promo industry can be an intimidating one to jump into. With the countless features and capabilities available, it’s hard to narrow down which brand marketing partner is the best fit for your company and goals. SwagUp is a popular option for managing brand […]

Employee discussing business plan with remote team on teleconference

How to Keep Remote Teams Connected: 8 Tips

Posted on Thu Apr 11, 2024.

Remote work has become the norm in recent years, and businesses are still exploring the best ways to support and connect their teams from afar. While smaller or more localized companies are beginning to engage in more in-person events, global companies are still facing a familiar challenge: How do you keep a large, remote team […]

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10 Creative Corporate Gift Ideas to Try in 2024

Posted on Tue Apr 9, 2024.

Picture this… a sea of generic mugs, pens, and stress balls collecting dust in everyone’s desk drawer. It’s not cool. What makes someone want to keep your gifts? Well, number one is to get creative. Who is your audience—employees or clients? As for number two, you need to have options. Imprint Engine is a global […]