The $242 billion corporate gifting industry is expected to exceed $300 billion within the next two years. If you’re not riding the gifting train already, it’s time to get on board! Not only does gifting help build and maintain strong relationships with clients and employees, it helps boost sales and brand awareness. 

Knowing the why behind gifting is easy. It’s the how that can get tricky. What gifts do people really want these days? What products are worth your investment and won’t end up in the trash? Our global team of experts at Imprint Engine has already done the digging for you. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Corporate Gifts

In order to choose the best gifts, you have to truly understand who you’re giving them to. Whether you have an established relationship or you’re still trying to seal the deal, a little bit of research goes a long way! Here are some considerations that will help you select a gift.

  • Your client’s industry. This one is obvious. Their industry may give you insights into the kinds of gifts that make the most sense for your client.
  • Your client’s values. Companies’ values are a large part of their brand identities. For instance, our Imprint Impact program showcases our commitment to the environment. We love when the tokens of appreciation we receive are eco-friendly! 
  • Your client’s way of working. Knowing whether your client works remotely or goes into the office can help determine which gifts would be most useful to them. 

The Best Corporate Gifts for Clients in 2024

This is the fun part: Sit back, ignite your imagination, and explore the best corporate gifts for clients in 2024.

Practical Gifts

These are the things that “everybody needs.” They’re everyday essentials that will help them stay organized, productive, and maybe even hydrated. Practical items also provide an opportunity to add your branding so that whenever the client uses their gift, your brand crosses their mind! Plus, a lot of the gifts on our list are meant to be carried and used outside of their home. Hello, free advertising! 

1. Tech Accessories

In a world where people rely heavily on technology, accessories to make their digital lives easier are a safe option for gifting. These are our top tech accessories:

2. Drinkware

Drinkware is one of the hottest gifts in 2024. These days it seems like everyone is toting a large, reusable water bottle in order to consume the recommended three liters a day. Here are our favorite drinkware options:

3. Premium Bags & Backpacks

If your client is a commuter or travels at all for work, a high-end bag or backpack would make a meaningful gift! Our team members and clients love using this work bag:

4. Journals, Notebooks & High Quality Writing Utensils

Despite our digital world, notebooks and journals aren’t going anywhere. For to-do lists, meeting notes, grocery lists, journal entries, and more, high-quality writing materials are a welcomed gift. Here are some of our go-tos: 

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts are great ways to prove you’ve taken the time to get to know your client outside of their name, company, title, and logo. Take note of their interests and hobbies in conversation to help curate a meaningful gift.

5. Books

From unique coffee table books to novels related to their interests, a book that they would enjoy reading or flipping through is a great way to show them you care.

6. Gift cards

Some of the safest and easiest are gift cards, especially if you know your client likes a certain restaurant, cuisine, or store. Gift cards run the risk of feeling impersonal without any context, so make sure to include a handwritten note! 

7. Tickets to a local event

Tickets are great gifts for individuals or small teams, as they can get pretty spendy in larger quantities. Treating clients to a sporting event or concert not only shows your appreciation, but fosters a greater sense of community among their people as well. 

8. Personalized kits

Kits are a fun way to put together several items that follow some sort of theme. Knowing their hobbies, such as golfing or gardening, makes it easy to curate a selection of items you know they’ll use and enjoy.

Consumable Gifts

The best way to keep gifts out of the garbage? Give them something they can eat! Knowing a little bit about your client’s dietary preferences is helpful, but if you’re unsure, play it safe with non-alcoholic, nut-free treats.

9. Baked goods

You can make them yourself, but you certainly don’t have to. From cookies and muffins to macaroons or bundt cakes, we can deliver fresh baked goods made by the experts.

10. Food basket

Food baskets allow you to get a little more creative. Put together a breakfast basket filled with pancake mix, syrup, coffee, jam, and scones or a “local favorites” basket filled with iconic dishes or treats from a specific region! It’s hard to mess up a food basket, so have fun with it.

11. Coffee/tea

Put together a collection of specialty teas or local artisan coffees for your coffee and tea enthusiasts. Surely they’d love to try something new! 

12. Edible bouquet

Whether it’s made of fresh fruit or candy bars, an edible bouquet provides variety in a beautiful package that they can enjoy in small bites.

Self-Care Gifts

The search volume for “self-care gift boxes” has increased by over 30% in the past year, and we’re guessing it’s because everyone is catching onto the importance of inner wellness. Nothing says “I care about you” quite like a gift that helps them better care for themselves.

13. Candles

If you don’t know whether your clients work from home, candles are a safe bet. A relaxing aroma is always appreciated at home or at the office.

14. Spa basket

Promote wellness from the inside out with a basket that helps them wind down and recharge. Stock it with spa items like skincare, bath salts, scrubs, essential oils, fancy towels, or a cozy robe.

15. Plant seeds or grow kit

Gardening is ‌beneficial for the body by reducing stress and anxiety. A planting kit allows people to exercise their green thumbs and grow vegetables or flowers in just about any setting — even urban apartments. 

Find the Best Gifts for Your Clients at Imprint Engine

Brainstorming is the fun part, but procuring, customizing, packing, shipping, tracking, and reconciling your corporate gifts can become a headache. At Imprint Engine, we do it all for you with our in-house design, production, and logistics teams and fulfillment centers located all around the world. Contact us to get started.