Your company wants their brand to stand out amongst a sea of promotions, but what is the best way to do this? Working with a branding partner to create a custom promotional product. Customers are always looking for a brand that has ingenuity and a one of a kind promotion can give you an edge over your competitors.

Defining the Promotion
The first step to any campaign, as said in Imprint Engine’s last blog, is deciding what the main goal of the promotion is. Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, double up on customer loyalty, or funnel sales, a custom product can help you approach each of these goals.

Increasing brand awareness is the easiest way to use your custom products. You can promote your brand on just about anything, giving you hundreds or thousands of impressions. These items will help your brand stay at the top of people’s minds, allowing for new sales.

Doubling up on customer loyalty is very similar to brand awareness, however you must think in terms of creating a relationship with your customers, not just an impression. Custom products can be sent out to loyal customers giving you the chance to build a deeper connection with them. Include a call to action prompting them to continue their shopping with your brand for added sales traffic.

Creating a direct sales funnel can be done through the usage of information. Your custom product could include a direct call to action and information on how to complete a sale. It could also include a coupon, leading to higher sales.

Developing Your Custom Promotional Product
After you have decided your main business goal you will then progress to what type of product you want to create. There are many different options to choose and most will depend on your brand message and promotional budget.

Kitting is a great way to break into the custom product realm, you can bundle products together to create a memorable gift. These kits can then be sent in custom made boxes or bags. You can also use kits as an opportunity for co-branding, teaming up with another brand to create recognition and gain clout for both of your brands.

Another route is rendering your logo or mascot into a custom product. There are multiple product categories you could use this treatment on: plush toys, unique drinkware, awards, die-cut products, and more.

One example of great use of custom promotional products is the Scrubbing Bubbles from S.C. Johnson. The plush and vinyl versions of their cute mascot characters are still being collected to this day.

You may also have need for a specific product or look you are going for with your promotions. Say you are promoting your brand at Coachella and want to use a palm tree for representation, you could work with a branding consultant to make a palm tree drink vessel. After the drinkware is made your branding partner would have your brand logo and name printed on the sides.

Production Roll-Out
Once the idea is in your head, consult with your branding partner on the design. If your branding partner has an art department they will start the work on your product design. If they do not, they may have to hire an outside consulting firm.

The art department will draft the design and then confer with you about the mock up of the design. If edits are needed they will go back to the drafting process. If everything suits the look you are going for it will go into production.

Most custom products will start with a prototype, to make sure that the design is coming out as specified. When the design is approved to continue, production will start. Once production is finished you will be able to have your products shipped to any location needed. If your company needs drop shipping that can also be coordinated by your brand consultant.

Custom promotional products are a great way to create new impressions. Having something unique to display will have everyone asking your customers “where did you get that?” These impressions can lead to new sales for your company.

Imprint Engine can help your company create a one of a kind custom product and ship them to any location. If you have an idea you want to put into production or want more information please visit our website.