Since ancient times, people have exchanged gifts as symbols of appreciation — and after the Industrial Revolution, gifting swiftly became a business strategy. There are countless benefits to gifting, and always evolving corporate gifting trends, but our goal as your brand experience partner is to create meaningful moments that foster stronger connections. Click here to read more about why corporate gifting is important.

Naturally, the corporate gifting industry is constantly evolving with trends and expectations. It’s 2024! Cheap trinkets and poor quality merch are so last century. Keeping up with what’s popular in not just products but technology and experiential gifts will help you stand out and ultimately leave a greater impact on your people.

We’ve got a pulse on today’s trends so that you don’t have to. Let’s explore unique and desirable options for personalized gifts, sustainable gifts, remote-work-friendly gifts, self-care-centric gifts, and more.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts have continuously outperformed generic ones. As of last year, 80% of consumers believe that personalized gifts are more thoughtful than non-personalized ones. And personalization doesn’t necessarily mean embroidering names or logos (although we can easily make that happen). Tailoring gifts to recipients’ individual interests or personalities will feel just as personalized! 

1. Customized Gift Kits

Customized gift kits are opportunities to really focus on employees’ interests. It could be a pickleball kit with paddles, balls, fancy socks, and a personalized jacket, or a cooking kit with custom wooden spoons, a cookbook, fancy olive oil, and a personalized apron. An assortment of products related to their hobbies is a thoughtful gesture that they’ll remember every time they use them.

2. Functional Awards with Name Personalization

Trophies and medals make nice shelf ornaments, but what about an award recipients can use? Congratulate, welcome, or surprise your clients and team members with awards that can collect memories instead of dust.

Personalized J Charles Bowl

Personalized J Charles Vase

3. Sweeter Cards

For a sweeter way to celebrate or say thank you, here’s a greeting card and gourmet chocolate bar all in one. Sweeter Cards is woman-owned, employs adults with disabilities, and uses recyclable packaging. Their chocolatier has been making ethically-sourced chocolate for over 40 years, so you know it’s good!

Sustainable Gifts

At Imprint Engine, sustainability is more than just a trend. While eco-friendly gifting is an increasingly common priority in 2024, we’ve been putting Earth first through our Imprint Impact program for years. Sustainability is part of a lot of companies’ core values, ours included, so we make sure our offerings and ideas align with them.

Our biggest tip for sustainability is to invest in quality. The best way to keep products out of the landfill is by giving people things they won’t want to throw away.

Here are a few ideas: 

1. Ocean Bottle

Every Ocean Bottle stops 1,000 plastic bottles from polluting the ocean. They’re made from 90% recycled stainless steel and are 100% dishwasher safe. Plus, we can personalize them to make someone’s new favorite bottle even more special.

2. Out of the Woods® Mini Backpack

Out of the Woods® products feature Supernatural Paper® that is sustainable, vegan, and washable. The Mini Backpack is FSC®-certified, meaning it comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, economic, and social benefits. Customize it with branding or names for a personal touch and gift a sustainable accessory that can accompany them anywhere.

3. State or National Park Passes

State park passes are cost-effective, sustainable alternatives that simultaneously promote being active and getting outside to appreciate nature. You can elevate this gift by adding national park passes or hiking equipment like survival kits, water bottles, collapsable dog bowls, backpacks, or gift cards to recreational retailers.

Remote-Friendly Gifts

More than 4.7 million Americans work at least partially remotely. That’s quite a lot of people who may miss out on in-person appreciation events or gifts! We’re headquartered in the U.S. as well as Europe, with warehouse facilities scattered all around the world so companies can seamlessly ship to remote workers. Whether your office is across town or across the globe, nobody has to miss out on the fun. Here are a few remote-friendly gift ideas: 

1. Travis & Wells® Lennox Laptop Tote

For hybrid commuters or frequent flyers, this tote is their perfect companion. With zippered pockets, a padded laptop compartment, trolley tunnel, and metal feet to prevent scuffing, remote workers can securely store all their work essentials for the airport, the coffee shop, or their periodic office visit.

2. Carter Carry Tumbler

Like most remote workers, you probably have a water bottle sitting nearby. The Carter Carry Tumbler holds 20-ounces and is aesthetically pleasing enough to suit any home office.

3. Bamboo Writing Lap Desk

Working from the same home office day in and day out can grow boring. This lap desk enables people to take work to the next room thanks to an even surface large enough for a laptop, two built-in docks for tablets or phones, and a soft cushion bottom that rests comfortably on their lap or any surface. There’s also a slash pocket to store notebooks and a grab handle for easy “commuting.”

Self-Care Gifts

Following the theme of reaching people at home, self-care gifts tell employees that you care about their wellbeing both inside and outside of the office. Even if teams aren’t remote, gifts that promote health and wellness encourage a work-life balance that will result in more productive and engaged coworkers. Remember, corporate gifting isn’t just about the gift itself, it’s about the message you send.

1. Eco-Friendly Spa Gift Set

Spa days are expensive, so equip your people with the tools to have one at home. This gift set includes a Calm essential oil roller made with relaxing essential oils, bath salt with dried herbs, and an oatmeal bath soak with lavender and rose petals.

2. Diffuser + Essential Oils

Diffusers and essential oils provide a soothing aroma and can actually enhance one’s energy, focus, drive, and alertness. Peppermint, rosemary, and lemon essential oils can help overcome procrastination and distractions while boosting memory and concentration. Plus, research suggests aromatherapy reduces stress and improves sleep quality. Needless to say this gift is a win-win!

Hirsch Serene Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Snugz USA Essential Oils

3. Luxury Candle

A candle is a safe and easy gift that promotes relaxation. This hand-poured luxury candle is made to order, so you can decorate the candle and/or gift box with your branding and choose from a variety of custom blended scents.

Bath Promotions Custom Luxury Candle with Gift Box

Experiential Gifts

2024 is well underway and so far, it’s all about experiences — psychology says so! Even if teams don’t experience these gifts together, a study says experiential gifts foster stronger social relationships than material gifts. A great way to create an engaging, well-rounded gifting experience is by pairing experiential gifts with personalized physical gifts. That way, your work community is still top of mind while they’re out there enjoying themselves.

1. Event Tickets

Treat employees with tickets to watch their favorite sports team, a new theater production, or a popular concert! Instead of a lackluster e-vite, send the tickets in a physical gift box accompanied by a personalized touch, like event merchandise or a bottle of champagne, to toast the outing. The extra effort will go a long way.

2. Extra Days Off

This one is a no-brainer. Who doesn’t appreciate a little extra time off? Congratulate the team on a successful quarter or big win with an extra-long weekend or additional vacation days to use at their leisure.

3. Company Retreats

Company retreats are wonderful opportunities to grow as a team. If you can get everyone together for a team-building getaway, make sure they’ve got all the essentials! Build them a welcome kit for their stay, or outfit everyone with merchandise that commemorates the excursion. 

Are your creative juices flowing? Because ours are. The gifting industry is exploding, so its landscape looks a little different every year. We’re here to guide you toward gifting experiences that will actually make a positive impact and boost community among your team. Contact us to get started.