The silent productivity killer — low morale. The feeling your employees get walking through that door or logging on for the day impacts their performance, satisfaction and retention. Here’s how you can revive your team’s spirit.

Morale can stoop low for many reasons, from organizational and leadership changes to the feel of the office-space (are the window shades always closed?)

However, employees crave appreciation and opportunities to connect and grow. That’s in your control. Whether through your own creative efforts or through getting expert support from a brand experience company, like Imprint Engine, building a powerful brand experience and making your employees feel seen can hugely boost morale.

Check out these six ideas on how to build employee morale if it’s fallen, that you can take action on right away

Practice Employee Appreciation

Not only should employees feel comfortable when onboarded, but it’s mission critical that the “first welcome” feeling is maintained. Employees who feel recognized by their manager are 40% more engaged than those who do not feel like they’re getting spotlighted every now and again. Find a creative way to show appreciation — when it’s not expected. You might  make public shoutouts in a meeting or handwrite thank-you notes to team members. Think about why they’re an asset and what qualities of theirs you would like to see more of from the whole team. Other times, you can give gifts when it is expected. Remember to mark Remote Employee Appreciation Day on your calendar, along with employees’ birthdays and work anniversaries. Simple gifts like plants and coffee samples (with gourmet dunking cookies) can go a long way with employees. People who receive gifts and shows of appreciation are: 

  • More confident in job duties
  • Better informed
  • Less likely to quit

Appreciate their presence and hard work, as they generously share their gifts and talents

Promote an Authentic Brand Experience

We spend a lot of time training employees how to keep brand promises to customers. But, does it stop there? Your employees want and deserve the same integrity. No one wants to feel like an afterthought.

When your every day decisions match a company’s values and core beliefs, vision for the future, and brand messaging, you earn currency: trust.  That’s why we’re really passionate about brand experience, offering real touch points to reinforce values, excellence, connectedness and employee care and recognition. Then, not only do you earn trust, but your employees will be proud to be a part of your company and your mission.

Build and Nurture Company Culture

How to build employee morale? Culture. You can tell what yours is like as you walk into a room (warning: you want the air to feel light, not heavy!) Similarly, how is the body language of people? 

Team building events, community service days and drives or annual company retreats can be great ways to bring everyone together outside of work. And if you hit the courts with your team for pickleball, Imprint Engine can help you create some killer team merch, or add a special touch to one of your events through branded gifts. 

Invest in Employee Advancement and Development

Job hopping is on the rise, with 64% of professionals embracing the practice of changing jobs every few years. They believe that job changes can lead to:

  1. Higher pay (37%): Professionals seek better compensation by switching roles.
  2. Skill acquisition (28%): Changing jobs allows them to learn new skills.
  3. Career advancement (22%): Job changes can lead to upward mobility.
  4. Cultural exposure (9%): Professionals value experiencing different work environments.

That’s why it’s so important for companies to invest in employee growth through competitive salaries, professional development, and mentorship programs. Humans are wired as natural problem solvers, and invested in growing. Showing genuine interest and providing resources for them will naturally build employee morale.

Collect and Act on Employee Feedback

By focusing on your people, you can expect to foster more innovation, inspiration and reduce turnover. Regular one-on-one meetings with your team members, along with quarterly sit-downs, provide an opportunity to discuss their goals (show them how you care about seeing them succeed!), observe changes within the company and evaluate your own leadership performance.

By consistently meeting people where they are and actively implementing feedback, you involve them in the decision-making process, ultimately reducing employee turnover due to their increased emotional stake in the company. Empower your team with these highly effective strategies:

In addition to discussing goals and evaluating performance, fostering a culture of feedback is crucial for organizational growth:

  • Anonymous Surveys and Suggestions: Ask questions to get feedback on processes, communication, work environment and overall satisfaction. Use this valuable input to make informed decisions and address any pain points. 
  • Open-Door Policy: Emphasize an open-door policy where employees feel comfortable sharing their thoughts with leadership. Encourage managers to actively listen, validate concerns and take action based on the feedback received.
  • 360-Degree Feedback: Get feedback on each of your employees through anonymous 360-degree feedback to gain insight into how your team is working.For example, raters might comment on creativity, communication or teamwork.

Feedback could look like, “This person helps delegate tasks and organizes the team during group projects. They put forth their best effort promptly, so other team members have time to deliver their work as well.”

Prioritize Work-Life Balance

Salary seems to be taking a back seat to work-life balance. More workers are attracted to their current role for the work-life balance they get out of it (41%) than for the salary (36%). Given the digital age, implementing asomewhat laissez-faire approach to meet preferences of employees might be necessary. 

If you’re wondering how to build employee morale, think about how you can offer flexibility. You can offer flexible work hours, remote work options and mental health days. You might choose to tighten up rules elsewhere, like when it comes to active online hours. When you lean into some leniency—  such as respecting personal time off and promoting balance (especially in the today’s digital age when you communication is always in your pocket)  —  you enhance employee morale even if it’s fallen.

Boost Morale With a Tangible Brand Experience

Managers, it’s not always easy. There is a reason why they put you in charge of building employee morale for a flourishing, productive and engaged workplace. By practicing these tips through growth opportunities, continuous feedback and employee appreciation, you help your overall business success and take charge.

While you focus on delivering an exceptional brand experience for your customers, we take care of designing and delivering an equally great employee experience. Our approach includes brand merchandise that ensures people love and genuinely connect, helping to build employee morale. Reach out to us; we’d love to hear from you!