Being the new guy isn’t always easy. As an employer, the ball is in your court to make new hires feel welcome! Small welcome gifts are quick and easy tools to help you start off on the right foot with new employees. Gifts also help set the tone about your company culture and serve as a ‘green flag’ that they’ve chosen the right place to work. 

Obviously the last thing you want to do is give new employees something cheap or meaningless… that wouldn’t be a great first impression. And finding quality gifts that tell your brand story without breaking the bank can be challenging! We’re experts in executing impactful brand experiences, so we’ve brainstormed a list of affordable options that let your new people know you’re happy to have them on board. 

12 New Employee Welcome Gift Ideas

1. Company Swag

Outfitting new hires with stylish company apparel (aka more than just swag) is an excellent way to immediately make them feel like they’re part of a community. You can make the gift more personal by customizing a hat, quarter-zip pullover, or tee shirt with their names alongside your logo. If you invest in premium brands such as The North Face, people may be more inclined to incorporate your branded apparel into their everyday wardrobe.   

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2. Office Supply Kit

Gifting an office supply kit containing items like desktop organizers, a 3-in-1 charging stand for their work station, or premium reusable utensils for their lunchbox is a small way to help employees feel equipped as they get settled into their new job. Personalizing the products inside of their supply kit is another great way to establish a sense of cohesiveness and community.

3. Insulated Water Bottle

It doesn’t matter if your new hire works remotely or comes into the office every day, an insulated reusable water bottle is a high-quality welcome gift that everybody needs. The Owala freesip bottle has a sleek, modern backdrop for your customizations or this heavy duty stainless steel bottle by Spector & Co. offers a more classic, utility look. You really can’t go wrong with providing an upgraded hydration vessel for your employees! 

4. Notebook or Journal

Starting a new job is like turning to a new chapter in a book… too cheesy? A notebook makes a safe and practical welcome gift for new members of your team. Whether they use it for meeting notes or personal journaling, you’re providing them with a productivity tool that they don’t need to purchase themselves. Personalize this Moleskine® hardcover journal for traditional notetaking or for a more unique, premium option, opt for a reusable writing tablet like the BB-NOTE Blackboard™ smart scan notebook.

5. Soy Candle

What better way to settle into a new office than with a calming, custom candle? This concrete candle by Aurora is an elevated version of a desktop staple. Candles are easy gifts to have waiting for employees at their new workspace or can be easily shipped to remote workers’ home offices. 

6. Puzzle

Puzzles are proven to help improve focus, problem solve, and get creative. Gifting new hires with a custom puzzle not only promotes taking a break, but it’s an opportunity to connect with them through customization. For example, if an employee had to move homes to start the new position, you could choose an photo of their new city as the puzzle image. Or if you learned something unique about them during the interview process, you could choose an image related to them and their interests.

7. Wireless Charger

When it comes to productivity tools, wireless chargers are game-changing. This sleek acrylic charger by Lofi™ provides a stylish and efficient way to charge their phone by simply setting it on their desk or this 3-in-1 Trio Pro charger enables people to power up multiple devices like phones, headphones and smartwatches all in one place.

8. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Gifting is an opportunity to communicate your values. An aromatherapy diffuser lets new hires know that you value self-care and health. A small electronic diffuser can be branded and placed on their desk as a welcome gift or this portable wireless diffuser is a sleek alternative that they can bring with them everywhere.

9. Professional Development Book

You want to start off on the right foot, and so do they! A professional development book acknowledges your commitment to their growth and development. The book could be specific to your industry or you could opt for one of the many general development books that are popular in the business world today.

10. Assorted Snacks

Stocking your new employees’ snack stash lets them know you care about keeping them fueled — especially if you choose snacks that promote a healthy workplace. We recommend curating several selection options in case they have specific dietary needs or restrictions. That way, they can choose. These assortments might include local artisans like honey or jerky, coffee or tea, low-sugar probiotic sodas, classic snack items, or even gift cards for a food delivery service or grocery store.

11. Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards are the perfect addition to any workspace. Employees can switch out the card each day to a new encouraging message. This gesture reinforces your company’s commitment to self-care and wellness.

12. Handwritten Welcome Note

Whether it comes from their new supervisor or the whole team, a personal, handwritten welcome note is a budget-friendly gesture that goes a long way! It’s also a great way to introduce yourself and let them know your door is open for any questions or advice. A fun way to get the whole office involved is by having every team member write their own welcome messages on Post-It notes to stick on the new person’s desk before they arrive on their first day.

How to Choose the Best Onboarding Gifts for New Hires

The best welcome gifts aren’t always the most elaborate or expensive. They’re the ones that took the most thought and are the most useful. If the gift checks these three boxes, then you’ve nailed it:

  • Practicality. The whole point is to give people something they’ll actually use. Consider gifts you’ve given in the past and which ones were most appreciated and utilized. Also consider which gifts you’ve received in the past and still use to this day. 
  • Personalization. Personalizing with names and logos is one easy way to foster a deeper connection through gifting, but you can always take this a step further. Catering to the employee’s role and interests will make them feel seen and valued in a much greater way. 
  • Company values. Gifts are often a reflection of the giver, so make sure the products you choose align with your company values. Gifts that directly correlate with one or all of your company’s core values will double as an opportunity to further communicate your brand identity to those who are new! 

Elevate the Employee Onboarding Experience with Imprint Engine

Incorporating gifting as part of your onboarding process will help new employees feel seen and included at a much quicker pace. We’ve helped some of the largest companies in the world implement gifting programs for their employees and we’re here to build yours, too! Contact us to get started.