Your Imprint Engine Pro Plan or Enterprise Plan subscription (“Subscription”) can earn rebate credit based on your purchases that can be redeemed for Imprint Engine merchandise (“IE Rebate”).

Earning IE Rebate Credit on Purchases:  You can earn IE Rebate credit for purchases made using your Subscription, excluding returns and refunds, as follows: a 2% rebate credit on all timely-paid Imprint Engine invoices for purchases through your Subscription.

Non-Qualifying Purchases:  The following types of transactions don’t qualify as purchases that earn IE Rebate credit:

  • Purchases you pay for with an IE Rebate certificate
  • Paying interest and Subscription fees, including late fees
  • Unauthorized charges
  • Products returned for refund or credit

Rebate Calculations:  Your IE Rebate is calculated from January 1 through December 31 based on your timely-paid invoices (the amounts Imprint Engine actually receives from you) for purchases made through your Subscription. You must pay an Imprint Engine invoice in a timely manner to earn IE Rebate credit.  Invoices paid late will not earn IE Rebate credit.  Your Subscription must be in good standing, including not having any past due invoices, to earn IE Rebate credit.  If you expected a purchase to earn IE Rebate credit, or a certain amount of IE Rebate credit, and it did not, please contact us. Imprint Engine reserves the exclusive right to determine which purchases qualify for an IE Rebate, and in what amount.

Returns:  Returned purchases may result in credits being applied to your Subscription which will reduce or eliminate accumulated IE Rebate credit and may result in a negative IE Rebate balance. If your Subscription has a negative IE Rebate balance, any newly earned IE Rebate credit will be used to offset your negative IE Rebate balance until your balance has been brought to zero.

Receiving IE Rebate Credit:  You will receive an IE Rebate certificate once annually, no later than March 31 of the next calendar year. Any IE Rebate you have earned on purchases made by authorized users through your Subscription will be added to your IE Rebate total. The IE Rebate certificate will contain your IE Rebate total balance based on your timely-paid invoices for eligible purchases during the annual reward period.  Imprint Engine will issue the IE Rebate certificate to the customer contact listed on the Subscription contract. You will not receive an IE Rebate certificate if your total IE Rebate amount is less than $1,000 or your Subscription has been terminated at the time your IE Rebate certificate is to be issued; any IE Rebate credit that had been accrued at that time will be forfeited. You must maintain your Subscription in good standing, including not having any past due invoices, to redeem your IE Rebate certificate.

Redeeming IE Rebates:  IE Rebate certificates are redeemable through December 31 of the year the certificate is issued.  IE Rebate certificates can only be redeemed for (applied to) the cost of Imprint Engine merchandise.  IE Rebate certificates are not redeemable for cash back or for non-merchandise fees including but not limited to services, taxes, shipping, duties, setup costs, kitting or warehouse fees, or web store hosting. Imprint Engine reserves the right to provide an alternative form for redemption at Imprint Engine’s discretion. Your IE Rebate certificate must be redeemed by its expiration date, December 31 of the year the certificate was issued.

Subscription Contract Termination:  You will forfeit any IE Rebate credit earned if you: (a) terminate your Subscription prior to redeeming your IE Rebate, or (b) convert your Subscription to a Subscription that is not an Imprint Engine Enterprise Plan or Pro Plan Subscription prior to redeeming your IE Rebate.  If we terminate your Subscription, you will no longer be able to earn IE Rebate credit and you will forfeit any IE Rebate credit accumulated, but not yet redeemed. 

IE Rebate Forfeiture:  All IE Rebate credit not disbursed via an annual IE Rebate certificate due to the reward amount being less than $1,000, the Subscription status (including Subscription termination), or other reasons, is forfeited. Additionally, any IE Rebate not redeemed by December 31 of the year the IE Rebate certificate was issued is forfeited.

Misconduct:  Any evidence of fraud, misuse, abuse, or suspicious activity is grounds for Imprint Engine to take actions against you. These actions may include, without limitation:

  • Canceling any IE Rebate credit you have earned
  • Barring you from the IE Rebate Program
  • Suspending or terminating your Subscription
  • Taking legal action to recover IE Rebates redeemed and to recover our monetary losses, including litigation costs and damages.

Value & Property Rights:  IE Rebates have no cash value until such time as they are redeemed for Imprint Engine merchandise.  You have no property rights or other legal interests in IE Rebate credits. IE Rebate credit may not be transferred to any other person or entity including through such events as merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, inheritance, or divorce. IE Rebate credit cannot be assigned or pledged.

Changes to IE Rebate Program Terms:  We may make changes to the IE Rebate Program Terms at any time without notice. We will provide notice through your Subscription if we make any of the following changes: a change that negatively affects how or when you may forfeit or lose your IE Rebate credit, or if we cancel the program.