Manage your company’s offline brand experiences from start to finish, all in one place

Consolidate the process

By handling everything in-house, from design to production to fulfillment, we can dramatically simplify your life so that you don’t have to juggle multiple vendors.

Deliver it on a global scale

Unlike many vendors who don’t have actual people stationed worldwide, we have the capacity to serve global accounts at scale thanks to our dedicated EU and APAC teams.

Power it with our platform

Wave one-size-fits-all goodbye. Our in-house tech team will create the right IEX platform experiences for your brand and the ideal merch program for your company.

We’re not a vendor. We’re a partner.

Do your vendors supply:

Any of those sound familiar?

We’ll help fuel your brand’s culture

When you see people proud to wear your branded gear, especially out in the world, it feels like you’re part of something bigger – a community.

From the day a new employee starts, to celebrating a big company win, to simply wanting quality products for your brand, we cement the moments that bring everyone together by providing experiences people like. And, when people get things they actually want, they feel more connected.

We can do it consistently, even across the world

Your teams might be scattered, but that doesn’t mean your brand has to be. Maintaining your brand’s quality and consistency matters because those shared experiences bring everyone together.

When you work with one partner like us, that brand integrity is much more achievable, instead of using multiple partners in different regions with varying quality.

We can manage it all in one place

You’ll never just be a deal we’re trying to close, as we want to act as if we’re part of your team. We’re looking for partners who want to build something great long-term.

That’s why we strive to provide top-tier service and dedicated support to manage all your custom-branded experience needs in one place. Together, we can create better-branded experiences while making your company look and feel great.

Feeling let down by vendors who promise the world

It’s frustrating when they say yes to everything, but when it’s time to start the project, they vanish into thin air. It can feel like they don’t care about your needs or the success of your project. It’s really frustrating and makes you feel like you wasted your time and money.

Questionable support from vendors

This can be a major challenge for your businesses, especially when all you are looking for is a response. Lack of support leads to delays and missed deadlines, inconsistent quality and designs, and shipping logistics hassles.

Playing the quality lottery

Most distributors have to outsource at least one step of the process, or stitch together 3rd party vendors, to achieve what you can with us, which can lead to missed deadlines and mismatched quality issues.

Forced to buy inventory you don’t need

Most vendors in our space traditionally make it seem like there is no upfront cost and they will purchase your inventory on your behalf. That’s all fine, until you learn you need to pay for your inventory you didn’t want or need in the first place and get blindsided by a huge invoice.

Versus Versus

Honest advice

We always provide truthful and straightforward advice that benefits your brand. We never prioritize profits over your brand’s well-being and will never sell you something that could harm it. Our goal is to find solutions for your needs, but we may have to say no if the time constraints are unrealistic.

Responsive customer support

We make communication easy. We’ll give you personalized options based on what we hear. Then, when you’re ready to move forward, just give us the info we need, and we’ll take care of everything else to make the process smooth for you. You’ll always have a full team of dedicated support.

No more settling

Our in-house production team ensures everything is perfect and matches your brand. Plus, we also have an insanely talented creative design team that can take your branded merch to new places. That’s why we’re not now, or ever have been, a one-size-fits-all approach.

Only owning the inventory you need

When you work with Imprint Engine, you only buy things you actually need. We don’t force you to buy anything at ridiculous order minimums. Our teams help guide you to make the right purchase at the right time to reduce cost and waste.

Work with a partner that’s always ON

It’s never been just about meeting expectations but exceeding them, every step of the way.


Our team never stops hunting for cool brands to partner with instead of showing the same tired brands and products. And, with our production team’s insistence on quality, we can access products not available to every vendor.


We genuinely take the time to fully understand your brand so that we know it as well as you do. So, when we curate products for you, they’ll always be on-brand. We’re like the colleagues you never had.


We believe in transparency when it comes to budget. You tell us what you’re working with, and we’ll give you the best options to achieve your goals. We’re also not afraid to tell when it’s not achievable.


By handling inventory and fulfillment out of one of our warehouses, we do everything we can to keep all your shipments on track and delivered on time. So if we say it’s going to be there, it will be there.


The best part about working with Imprint Engine is their customer service and their speed to deliver on projects. Working with a large global team, we have a variety of different needs that come through that IE has always been able to deliver on. They are always willing to hop on a last minute call or Zoom and gladly deliver on short lead projects! Anna Meindersee Docusign
Imprint Engine is an absolute dream of a team to work with. Coming from a super-fast, ever-changing, agile company, the pros at Imprint Engine never blink twice at a last-minute need or quick turnaround quote. They’re proactive, positive and an absolute joy to work with, always going beyond the call to duty to make me and my business look great. The cherry on top: their swag and products are top-notch, amazing quality and always on the pulse of what’s trending in culture. Imprint is the Engine that powers my business! Taylor Goldman Gopuff
Imprint Engine’s team stands out for their exceptional professionalism, dedication, and willingness to go the extra mile, placing them in a league of their own. Their super quick response times, ability to pivot, and creative ideation have been instrumental in elevating our swag experience. Working closely with them has truly transformed swag at Miro, setting a new standard for excellence in our branding endeavors. Eva Bauerrichter Miro
Imprint Engine has been instrumental in helping maintain brand integrity as we’ve scaled. Their ability to integrate with our procurement system, turn projects around quickly, and coordinate between multiple stakeholders is unmatched. Janel Higgs Uber
Partnering with Imprint Engine has elevated Postman’s swag program in all the best ways. Their team is quick to respond, so helpful and collaborative, and always ensures products are high quality and delivered on time. Imprint Engine’s attention to detail is unmatched and level of service is top tier. Ashley Lowe Postman
I’ve worked with Imprint Engine for nearly 10 years at 3 different companies. Most recently they helped us build an online store with hundreds of SKUs in a matter of weeks. Their quality, speed, and reliable customer service is top-notch and keeps me coming back! Deirdre Nicolopoulos Metropolis
Time and time again, Imprint Engine blows my high expectations out of the water. They go above and beyond in all facets of service—from understanding our brand to curate custom catalogs, to adapting to tight timelines and still producing high-quality items, to consistently providing quick communication. They are an extremely valued partner to our internal marketing team at Turnberry! Gretchen Watkins Turnberry
Imprint Engine has the most INCREDIBLE customer service and selection of products! I have been working with them for almost a year now and I have never experienced this level of accuracy and attention to detail including the outstanding overall service I get with them. Even with our numerous orders and multiple changes, the finished product is always exactly what we ordered! Having Imprint Engine as a partner has made my job in ordering workplace and conference swag a breeze! Michelle Layone Alloy
I can’t tell you all how amazing this transition to Imprint Engine has been. All the support from our account team, the tech and design teams, and those in the warehouse has been fantastic. Joe Lawrence LegalZoom

Elevate your offline brand experiences in just 4 steps

We’ll figure out how we can help you. Begin by clicking the Get started button in our menu. If your company seems like a good fit and we can help, we’ll schedule a call to learn everything about your needs.

We’ll put the systems in place to deliver. Once we have the info we need, we’ll design the best approach, curate the right products, and suggest the ideal technology to achieve your offline brand goals.

We’ll build exactly what you’re looking for. Once you give our plan the go ahead, we’ll begin making it real. Our in-house production and web dev teams set the stage for your launch.

We’ll deliver it anywhere in the world. It’s time to land the plane. We’ll make sure your merch, print or apparel gets wherever it needs to go, anywhere in the world.

Take control of your offline brand experiences for long-term success with our expert team

We focus on quality and accuracy to prevent mistakes and make it easy to manage your offline brand experiences from start to finish. Do it all in one place, with worldwide logistics & fulfillment, in-house design & production, and zero compromises.