Since 2012,

Imprint Engine has worked tirelessly to become a reliable, one-stop global brand experience partner. We’ve created a smarter process for our clients – a platform-driven full service approach that disrupts the industry standard, allowing our partners to save time, money, and energy by doing the work traditionally performed by several different vendors.

How it started

When Caleb Gilbertson and Travis Veit founded Imprint Engine in 2012, what they knew as the “swag” industry was overdue for a makeover. Company cultures were rapidly evolving, yet brand experiences were still centered around the same expendable junk.

It was clear that people wanted to work with innovators and artists rather than one-off transactional vendors, so in the closet-sized living room of Caleb’s tiny apartment, sitting back to back on two folding chairs, they began building a smarter, all-in-one approach with efficiency and creativity at the heart of everything.

We’ve been growing ever since

The first six

Our team grew steadily from two employees to ten between 2012 and 2018. Revenue jumped a whopping 7000%, increasing from five to multiple six figures.

The last six

We’ve amassed an additional 333% increase in revenue since 2018. Today our team consists of nearly 100 industry experts located across the US, Ireland and India. The most rewarding outcome of creating culture-enhancing experiences for our clients is the opportunity to build our own community of genuinely passionate people who love creating and collaborating together.

How we’ve expanded

A lot has changed since Caleb’s living room in 2012. After a couple smaller office upgrades, we moved into our current 40,000 square foot facility in 2021. As client demand grew, we brought even more cool stuff in-house, like additional decoration machines and techniques, plus a growing team of skilled designers. With the extra square footage and vertical space, our fulfillment center is more stocked, organized and efficient than ever before.

In 2021, we ventured outside the US border and hired our first European team to office out of Dublin, Ireland. And most recently, we launched our Indian office, making Imprint Engine a growing international asset for all of our global clients.

How it’s going now

By continuing to invest in global capabilities through our local presence in Europe and Asia, we’ve established an infrastructure that keeps processes consistent around the world. Additionally, we remain focused on innovative ways to leverage technology.

Most recently, we revamped our proprietary IEX Platform™ to meet today’s trends and consolidate everything our clients need into one, smooth management system.

What’s our plan to keep growing?

A culture built on values.

Our Core Values

Solo projects don’t exist here – Consider how your actions affect those next in line – Respect yourself by respecting others.

Boldly approach each challenge with an open and creative mind – Welcome new ideas with optimism and curiosity – Focus on solutions, not sales.

Summon the courage to always do the right thing – We all hold the responsibility to use our best judgment in every situation – If you see something that’s not right, don’t be afraid to speak up.

There’s no place for complacency – Stay adaptable to change – Discover the power of knowing what you don’t know.

Your uniqueness is what makes our team strong – We’re at our best when we’re true to who we are – Celebrate one another’s authenticity and strengths.