Connect every step of your brand experience process

The effortless way for collaborating, selecting, sharing & shipping the offline brand experiences we help you create.

Supported by real, creative people around the world

Rather than sell you our platform and hope for the best, our greatest strength is pairing you with an actual team of humans to find the exact solution you need. We’re like the colleagues you never had – a true extension of your team.

Infrastructure that scales with you

From start-ups to full scale enterprise organizations, we have the infrastructure and global footprint that works for a one time project or a long-term partnership. Whether you need something right now or are looking to build something for the long run, we got you.

Technology that works at your speed

Whether you are just an individual looking for some help with easy ordering and inventory management, or you’re part of a global enterprise needing complex company stores, integrations, and user permissions, our plans offer whatever you and your company needs. Our technology is not one-size-fits-all.

Manage all your global inventory in one place

Ditch managing your inventory from the extra closets at the office (or your extra bedroom) and ensure brand consistency by managing products in from one main platform.

  • Real time inventory streaming directly from our warehouses around the world
  • Product reports help analyze trends and when to re-order
  • Permission-based access for teams/people managing different inventory or products

Send/Gift/Ship anything to anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.

Our core platform tool & functionality. Easily share, select, and ship branded products, marketing materials or anything in your inventory across the globe, whether it’s to one person or one thousand.

  • Perfect for gifting, employee onboarding, milestones, recognition & rewarding, events, and more
  • Shipping to 180+ countries
  • Free campaigns available for one-time or fixed use only using data-collection and bulk pre-orders*

Advance your brand experiences with online stores

Your business is unique. So are your needs. If you require truly robust options, our IEX stores are designed to meet those demands.

  • UX/UI designed to work with your specific brand and scale with you as you add more products
  • Advanced user permission/team viewing control
  • Internal or public-facing e-commerce experiences through Shopify Plus
  • All stores built/maintained/updated by our in-house teams

Powerful integrations

IEX connects with many of your favorite apps to make your experience management incredibly dynamic.

  • Effortlessly connect & manage access with SSO
  • Integrate & connect with your favorite apps

Earn as you buy

Our Pro and Enterprise plans include an unlimited 2% rebate on all product purchases, offering you even greater value as you scale.

Add-On: Stores

(IEX Express, Pro, Enterprise required)

IEX Platform Features

*Additional Fees May Apply Based On ScopeFreeExpressProEnterprise
Global customer supportxxxx
Global shipping/customs support & trackingxxxx
Product design & ideation concierge*xxxx
Creative design support*xxxx
Team training and onboardingxxx
Dedicated brand managerxx
Team Slack channelxx
Dedicated brand directorx
Global product sourcing supportx
Integration/API support*x
Service & Support
Ship globallyxxxx
In-house decoration accessxxxx
Fulfillment & handling costsPer shipmentPer shipmentPer shipmentPer shipment
Shipping costsPer shipmentPer shipmentPer shipmentPer shipment
Pallet & bin storage (per month)View warehouse pricingView warehouse pricingView warehouse pricing
Online inventory managementxxx
Intake existing inventory*xxx
Global multi-location inventory managementx
Branded product catalogsxxxx
Brand verification xxxx
IEX portal seats1525100
Additional portal seats ($/month)$25$20$15
AI email assistancexxxx
Integrate with Gmail & Outlookxxx
Inventoried products10UnlimitedUnlimited
Branded IEX portalxxx
User managementxxx
Reporting & analyticsxxx
Automate with Zapierxxx
API accessxxx
Integrate with HubSpot & Salesforcexx
Campaign management supportxx
Send digital gift cards$5 per send$5 per send
Department product visibilityxx
Send on behalfxx
Department budgetingx

Store Features (Add-On)

*Additional Fees May Apply Based On ScopeBasicAdvanced
Admin seats included210
Included hosting and infrastructure supportxx
Scalable design*xx
Custom domain name/configurationxx
End user supportxx
Print on demand (print, apparel, & merchandise)xx
Discount codesxx
Accept credit cardsxx
Merchant of record & sales tax managementxx
SSO & identity management*xx
Sell gift cardsx
Shopify plus accountx
Employee credit system*x
Global multi-location product management*x
Advanced checkout features*x
Role-based product visibility*x
Punch out access*x
Custom UX design*x
Workflows & integrations*x