Putting Earth First

We work on an ongoing basis toward using products & services that have a minimal impact on the environment.

Committed to planet Earth

Our core philosophy is to create swag and products that people want to not only use, but actually keep, hence minimizing any negative impact to the environment traditionally associated with the promotional products industry. We’re committed to working with vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers that adhere to this same philosophy and the strictest environmentally friendly production standards. We currently work with over 100 vendors and suppliers that are eco-friendly in their offerings and production practices with a focus on sustainable production methods and materials.

Our impact on our planet

We make products that can be used over and over again to replace their single-use disposable counterparts. We want to make stuff people actually keep

Products that are biodegradable or compostable without leaving harmful long lasting waste in our landfills and oceans.

This helps reduce a product’s overall travel time to get to us and cuts down on emissions transporting products from around the world

Products made primarily of post consumer recycled materials or upcycled from scraps of previous products.

A sustainable future for all

We pride ourselves on being both conscious of our practices toward a sustainable future for generations to come and our actions toward protecting the environment and reducing our carbon footprint on the world. This includes using eco friendly packaging and shipment methods whenever possible, using biodegradable packaging, and limiting our use of plastic whenever possible.

We’re building a local and diverse vendor network

We always try to work with a diverse group of vendors managed by all walks of life

We pride ourselves on working with local individuals and companies around the world

We weed out any organization that uses forced labor

We love companies that give back

Making An Impact Locally

Through this unique program we identify and meet the needs of non-profit organizations in our community by donating our overstock inventory and donated products from our vendors. We’re able to take otherwise wasted items and put them in the hands of students, teachers, and community organizations who can put them to good use. We’re proud to support a wide variety of charitable organizations, including The Sanneh Foundation, Tickets for Kids, Hennepin Health Foundation, Children’s Minnesota, and many more.

Starting in our backyard

We donate extra products and our time to organizations in need, as well as financial contributions.

Healthy employees make healthy decisions. From nutritious snacks in our office to offering discounts on health clubs, health is a top priority.

We’re always helping our team learn more about sustainable initiatives in the workplace beyond what they might already know.

From the products we use for shipping to the swag we produce for our clients, we have grown an expansive network of environmentally friendly vendors.