We create brand experiences that live on

The offline, real, tangible brand touchpoints and expressions that affect the way employees & customers perceive, engage with, and feel about your company.

Thoughtful experiences

We’re talking experiences that stay – stay in people’s minds, on their desks, in their closets, and out of the trash. But most importantly, the ones that help people stay connected around the world.

Experiences people actually want

Premium, recognizable brands and products that go beyond S.W.A.G. (stuff we all get). We seek out quality first and foremost, which is why we have access to the best brands and products available. And due to that commitment to the quality people want, we even have exclusive partnerships with top brands that only trust us with additional decoration.

Experiences you can feel good about

The best way to be sustainable is to make stuff people want to KEEP. Beyond that, it’s about seeking vendors that approach sustainability and ethical sourcing from a holistic point of view. People are proud to receive company-branded merch when the believe in the purpose behind the products, not just an item that checks an eco-friendly box.

But it’s more than building experiences…
it’s building connections.

We help make your merch memorable

From the very first impression, we curate on-brand experiences that make people happy to see you, like:

  • New hire kits
  • Onboarding & client welcome kits
  • Branded company gear (from cool store merch to uniforms)
  • PR & influencer kits
  • Internal & client gifting
  • ERG merch programs
  • Custom products
  • Retail products
  • + more.

You’ll never miss the occasion

Whether you’re offering someone recognition, giving a gift for the holidays or celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary, we can help you find, integrate, and automate timely merch, print & apparel into your systems, like:

  • Individual milestones or recognition gifts
  • Work or company anniversaries
  • Remote work care packs
  • Holiday gifts (internal or external)
  • Promotional or sales-driven gifting
  • Seasonal / event-driven experiences
  • + more
People at a conference check in table getting their ID badge and additional items such as a bag of goodies and a tote bag.

Products that go everywhere your brand does

We travel well, and we love making sure your brand always looks its best with:

  • Conference & event materials (booth and product design)
  • Marketing collateral (from business cards to direct mail to large-scale print)
  • Custom pop-ups
  • Premium promo and giveaways
  • + more

And you can manage all your experiences with our IEX Platform

Online tools are as much a part of the brand experience as the products themselves. They should make it easy to support, select, share, and ship products across the world, which is exactly what our platform does.