Are you searching for the perfect gift for your employees? Perhaps it’s for the holidays or a birthday, but the pressure is on to find something within your budget that won’t receive a skeptical side-eye. 

Hi, we’re Imprint Engine, a global merch curator, designer and distributor with access to all sorts of goods for your employees. Think branded high-quality threads, upscale wellness products, cool tech, and more. Giving exceptional gifts reaps benefits, such as boosting employee retention, morale, and team engagement.

The right strategy and products can help your employees feel more connected to you and your company. Check out these nine employee appreciation gift ideas to get started!

WFH Survival Kit

It can feel like a jungle out there when you have back-to-back client meetings and are trying to keep up with the constant deluge of incoming emails. Our work-from-home kit comes with magnet balls perfect for stacking and fidgeting, relieving stress during busy days. Additionally, the kit includes a hardcover notebook for jotting down ideas and staying productive. 

This kit also includes other essential items to enhance your work-from-home experience and help you thrive instead of just surviving. Check out this Ember mug that keeps your beverage at a warm and steady temperature, with adjustable heat settings for convenience (how cool is that?). Finally, Lions mane chocolate treats boost focus throughout the week, allowing you to finish strong rather than succumb to Friday fatigue!

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Comfortable Loungewear

On those days when you don’t feel like wearing fancy pants, comfortable loungewear is the way to go. Give your employees the gift of relaxation with this unisex full-zip hoodie and crew neck tee made of Airlume combed cotton, along with these buttery-soft fleece sweatpants from American Apparel. You’ll appreciate the quality of these clothes, as they offer just enough structure and trim for running errands and just enough “give” for a nice, comfortable sprawl on the couch.

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Branded Activewear

So, John from sales enthusiastically talks to you about pickleball (and he’s right—you’re missing out!). Our selections of branded activewear are excellent employee appreciation gift ideas for those who love to hit, kick, run, or enjoy the fresh air. 

They include UNRL’s sleek 4-way stretch joggers, bright and neutral color performance polos, women’s tapering, plush sweatpants, and unisex jogger pants for all to enjoy. With these options, your team will feel ready to take on any endeavor, whether new-age table tennis or something else.

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Insulated Drinkware

Consider upgrading from disposable cups and providing your team with premium insulated drinkware to keep their beverages at the perfect temperature. Our selection includes top brands like YETI, and their Rambler 24 oz Stackable Mug, thanks to its convenient handle, is ideal for any adventure. 

For something more electrifying, this magnetic water bottle securely holds your phone (excellent!). For the perfect aesthetic, check out Carter Carry’s tumbler, available in pastel to earthy tones.

It’s essential to prioritize sustainability while recognizing your team’s efforts; these solutions allow you to do both.

Gift Cards

Everyone loves freedom of choice from your direct reports or those in other departments. Amazon is the king of kings of gift cards because their packages feel like Christmas on a good old regular Tuesday.

For milestones, birthdays, and everything in between, a gift card allows recipients to choose what they want, ensuring they feel appreciated on their terms. 

Tech Accessories

Tech accessories are personal gifts that help us stay connected, crush goals, and geek out on our passions. Tidbyt’s custom LED display shows notifications and urgent reminders from any connected device, all wrapped up in high-quality walnut wood. 

Another way to elevate your brand is with these Bose® Bluetooth speakers, which allow your logo to be front and center at the next backyard BBQ. Another excellent employee appreciation gift idea is Apple headphones, which help employees block the noise and tune out distractions at work. 

Extra PTO 

Extra PTO is a way to show you care by giving additional days off rather than the highly debated status quo of two weeks off. Happy employees equal boosted engagement and better relationships.  

Who doesn’t want that? Surprise employees with 24 hours off when they least expect it. If you need to stay within budget, try a half-day before the holidays to prepare for out-of-town guests and sweet homestyle cooking.

Stipend for a Home Office: 

People always need more supplies. With the shift towards remote work, a stipend has become an invaluable tool for ensuring your team is well-equipped for productivity.

Whether they choose a monitor or a treadmill-meets-desk is up to them. So, what does this employee appreciation gift idea cost? The average one-time stipend is $812, and the average monthly give is $160.

A Handwritten Thank You

In a world of fast responses and communication, slowing down with a pen and paper is a surefire way to show employees your appreciation. Strong messages will highlight their contributions and differences, regardless of title or department. 

It’s memorable. Instead of a sea of heads, it says, “I see you.”

Mental Health Day 

We all remember calling in sick, but sometimes, it’s just an official way to say we’re burnt to a crisp. So, how can you keep your employees happy, healthy, and in the game? 

A half-day or whole day off says, “Hey, we’re committed to your well-being.” Rest assured that they’ll return more alert after catching up on sleep. 

Show Your Gratitude With Imprint Engine

Organize a morning coffee or host a food truck event to give out incredible branded merch. We’ll help you send a message of appreciation that will leave a lasting impact. Contact us today to learn how we can help you transform your employee appreciation efforts into memorable mementos.