We kicked off 2022 by opening our European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. We hired an experienced leadership team to manage the growth of international operations and continue our focus on local sourcing of corporate swag, account support, warehousing, storage, and managing financial transactions around tariffs and shipping.

Thanks to our boots-on-the-ground presence in Europe, we’ve upgraded the way we support our international clients through a more unified and consistent service offering across all regions. The expansion also enables better brand guardianship, a reduced carbon footprint, and lowered costs through consolidated buying.

Our European hub will mimic the system, sales support process, and technologies that have led to a rapid growth rate in our United States operation. With over one million total square feet of warehousing in Ireland, the UK and Holland, we are perfectly positioned to help clients with a multi-site business or a need for bulk swag distribution for events throughout Europe.

Our customer-focused approach to promotional merchandise ensures clients a creative, desirable, and quality product. Imprint Engine Europe streamlines your marketing deliverables by merging product sourcing, production, e-commerce, warehousing, and fulfillment into one single platform.

We build clients’ retail-standard websites offering brand compliant swag. These sites can stand alone or be seamlessly integrated with your e-procurement systems. They provide efficient order consolidation with a range of functionalities to suit your individual requirements such as real-time stock information and different language, currency, and transactional settings. These secure sites help our clients save time and money and tie regions together through a central platform.

As a promotional company, it is critical that we be mindful of our environmental impact. We put sustainability at the heart of every production decision we make, encouraging the use of recyclable packaging, recycled materials, and sustainably-made merchandise. Being conscious of our carbon footprint will resonate with your clients and colleagues in a way that simply isn’t possible through any other mediums.