Over the past few years, we’ve gone through quite a few changes at Imprint Engine. Pivoting our business to help our clients adjust to the realities of Covid-19, rapidly increasing the size of our team, bringing decoration capabilities in house, and moving to a brand new corporate headquarters just to name a few. In 2021 alone, we’ve added nearly 30 new employees to our roster bringing the total to just shy of 50 full time employees. As we’ve grown, we knew our brand needed to grow with us.

We are a creative company at heart, and we wanted a logo that we could continue to evolve with over time without losing touch with our original mission. Our goal as a marketing partner is to help our clients and their brands stand out. That said, we wanted our new visual identity to be fresher, more modern, and most importantly, simpler. We’ve matured in our approach and wanted to soften the Imprint Engine brand. We don’t need to shout, “Here we are!” We just want to say, “Hey, we’re here. What can we do to help you succeed?” The ink droplet and coding brackets represent our expertise: design, technology, and beyond. The purple just spoke to us. Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. And ultimately, we’re a Minnesota company. The Vikings, Prince… you get it.

Less is more.

Beyond our classic ink drop, you’ll start seeing other variations of our logo on our website to represent the full-service aspect of who we are — from printing and decoration to web development and logistics.

But what about the swag?

We weren’t just going to make a new logo and not make some killer company swag c’mon now. We utilized some of the most popular industry trends like tone-on-tone color, stand alone icon, woven labels, domed decals, and trendy products like camo jackets, bucket hats, and premium drinkware. In true Imprint Engine fashion, we’re creating our own company store where our employees and clients will be able to pick out their own swag customized exactly how they want it.

In case you weren’t already sold…

This entire project was created and produced in house by our marketing and design teams. Starting with initial ideation between these teams and leadership to finally producing assets and shipping them, we did all of this work 100% internally. From the brackets to the exact shade of purple, there were many late night conversations and debates. But in the end after much deliberation, our entire team loves the end result and we’re proud to unveil our new logo to the world.