In an era where your company’s culture is one of your brand’s most potent statements, acknowledging every team member’s contributions becomes crucial—especially those who work remotely. Remote Employee Appreciation Day is September 22nd. However, you do not have to wait until Fall to say “thank you” to those who work in different states, coasts, or countries. March 5th is all Employee Appreciation Day, a perfect time to demonstrate care to all who work for you. In the article, we will go over why gifting is excellent for your company and how to keep employees close to you – despite physical distance.

The Important Benefits of Investing in Employee Recognition

Do you recall the last time you went all-in on a project? Your pride soars when people acknowledge the hard work, saying, ‘I see you.’ Employee recognition programs shouldn’t be brushed off as a simple company perk. They are essential for retaining those who work for you. Employees are 44% less likely to engage in quiet quitting (a big trend nowadays) when they receive proper recognition.

Investing in high-quality employee recognition pays off. Here is how:

  • Employees become more invested in their work: 2.7 more times. Creates a sense of belonging: Recognition bridges the gap of physical distance.
  • Positive impact on workplace branding: Success starts by treating employees great.

Need some tips on how to start? Let’s dive in.

1. Send a WFH Care Package

When you work remotely, there are “blurred” lines between work and professional life. It can be challenging for the brain’s swirling thoughts of ideas, deadlines, and due dates to switch off. A work-from-home care package is a phenomenal way to show appreciation, allowing workers to destress and do the job better.

Think of self-care items like lotion masks and fitness equipment (WFH can make one antsy). In addition, you can help save the day when remote employees are about to lose charge. Branded work items such as phone and laptop accessories and coffee kits are essential to stay connected and alert.

Connect With Remote & Global Employees Using Imprint Engine

From marketing to HR – if you are the person in charge – how many items can you add to the plate of items to do? We feel you – heavy. Imprint Engine creates WFH care packages and merch to help you with your staff appreciation initiatives. We cover everything from design to distribution.

Here are other reasons to be happy:

  • Cost Effective
  • User Specific
  • Eco-Friendly
  • We work quickly and have a global acc; Employee Appreciation Day is around the corner (kudos to our great Global Account Management team)

2. Give Company Store Credit

For those with in-house merchandise sites, giving company store credit is an excellent idea for Employee Appreciation Day and Remote Employee Appreciation Day. Everyone loves freedom, right? Company store credit allows remote employees to choose the items that will most benefit them. While this may not seem as personal as sending a gift prettied up with a bow tie, employees love having a free range of quality items they will actually use.

Use IEX to Manage Your Employee Credit

An HR professional’s favorite tool, imprint Engine IEX software, allows you to do everything – from building your company store to offering and tracking employee in-store credit. Not only is it an online store shelf of things your employees want, but the platform is intuitive and user-friendly – not working against you like other complicated tools (ques “restart” on the computer).

Other reasons you will love the IEX Software:

  • Make tasks automatic and set up your own rules to save time.
  • Easy and secure sign-in for everyone using just one password.
  • Works well with other tools you use for hiring, managing people, and keeping customer info.

Connect every step of your brand experience process. It makes life ten fold easier.

3. Design Branded Merch They’ll Use

In a world that is always on the go, whether working from home or taking time out of the office, it is no wonder the most popular products are items made for those who live in motion.

Popular items include:

  • Tech gear like Headphones and Laptop Bags
  • Coffee and Travel Mugs
  • Water Bottles
  • Shirts and Jackets

It would be nice if your brand merchandise came just in time for important events. Companies can create high-quality products for employees by teaming up with reliable partner.

Design Merch That Matters With Imprint Engine

From the initial discovery meeting to design, development, and distribution – Imprint Engine is a one-stop shop for branded merch. Tell us the vision; our team will help you pinpoint the right products. Reconnect with employees who live far away.

4. Send Digital Gift Cards

Who doesn’t have their online cart filled to the brim? Popular gifts to send staff on Employee Appreciation Day or Remote Employee Appreciation are gift cards to stores like Amazon and Best Buy. For those employees who particularly love their downtown and nights in, Uber Eats and Netflix are fantastic options.

5. Give Public Kudos

In a sea of cubicle desks, giving public recognition makes employees feel like they matter. Whether this recognition is on a LinkedIn post (tagged for all their friends & family to see) or the company messaging platform like Slack, when you give remote employees recognition, it motivates them. It makes them feel like an integral part of the team. The saying holds, ‘People always remember how you made them feel.’

6. Deliver a Breakfast or Lunch

The best surprises do not always come with shiny wrapping and bows. A brown paper bag will do. Sending remote employees food delivery is one the best surprises ever.

For Uber Eats, remember to change the delivery address and add the employee’s name in the special instructions so that the driver knows who receives the meal. The sweet aroma of lunchtime awaits.

7. Give Stipends for WFH Offices

When working remotely, the cost adds up. A work-from-home stipend is perfect for remote employees to purchase items that help with productivity, such as office equipment, chairs, monitors, office supplies, and more.

According to industry leader NOHQ, the average monthly stipend for WFH offices is $66/ month, and the average one-time stipend is $358. You can payout these sweet stipends to employees using cash, gift cards, or credit in your company store.

8. Send Tickets to Activities or Events Employees Can Enjoy With the Family

When the workday is over, and it is time to unplug, sending tickets to activities or events is an excellent way for remote employees to reconnect with loved ones and broader passions.

Baseball game, anyone? Here are some other great ways you can sponsor a family night out:

  • Movie gift card
  • Tickets to the zoo
  • Museum passes
  • Tickets to sporting events
  • Water park passes,
  • Gift card to an arcade

Have a Deadline? We Can Work With That.

We are excited to help you build relationships and connect with your remote staff. Employee Appreciation Day is just around the corner. Imprint Engine can work with your deadlines and ensure your company store or branded merch is ready.

Contact us today to learn how to get started. Let’s get to building.