Behind every big win is an all-star lineup of talent, whether they’re playing a game or collaborating at work. You’ve heard there’s no ‘I’ in team, so why tackle a project as complicated and nuanced as a company-wide brand experience all by yourself? Sure, it may seem easy enough — sourcing affordable yet desirable products, squeezing in time with your creative team to design the stuff, finding a transparent production partner to make the stuff, utilizing your web developers to present the stuff, managing the inventory once it’s ready, shipping everything out and navigating global customs, and finally, monitoring the project’s success — okay, let’s be honest that’s a lot for one person. It’s no wonder these seemingly simple brand experiences turn into complete and utter chaos.

We want to help you sidestep any potential shitshows, so we’ve consolidated every team member and skillset you could possibly need into one finely-tuned operation so that your team can focus on whatever it is they do best. Here are the key players we bring to the table (or the court? The arena? Rink? … whatever metaphorical playing field suits you). 

Product Sourcing & Vendor Relations

We start every partnership and project the same way: Learn everything about your brand, your needs, and your goals. That way, our team dedicated to managing our exclusive vendor relationships can curate the most fitting selection of products or experiences to most effectively elevate your community.

Production Artists & Designers

Our creative team helps create a fully custom product experience with as much or as little collaboration your team desires. The hardest part will be narrowing down your decision, because our artists and designers are damn good at what they do.

Print & Decoration Experts

Once you decide on your products and designs, our print and decoration experts bring your vision to life. With our entire production and decoration operation in-house, we guarantee sh*t gets done on time and with top-tier quality. 

Web Developers

Also in-house, our brilliant web developers utilize our proprietary technology solutions to create and implement your company stores or custom integrations with ease.

Inventory Managers

Even if you own all of your own inventory, our management team takes great care of your goods from the comfort of our 34,000 square foot warehouse. All you need to worry about is your profit! 

3PL, Fulfillment & Shipping Experts

When it comes time to share your hard work with the world (or at least your colleagues), our third party logistics, fulfillment and shipping experts make sure your stuff gets packed correctly and shipped wherever it needs to go on time. On the back end, they stay on top of customer service requests and reporting/analytics so that you can track your project’s success.

With a roster like ours, you’ll wish you enlisted help sooner. Want to learn more about how we work? Sit back and relax for 4 minutes and we’ll show you. Presenting Sidestep the Sh*tshow: the world’s easiest game show.

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