Technically we’re not scientists. But we do consider ourselves experts in the science behind brand experiences.

We call it The Gifting Effect (so do researchers Michela Balconi and Giulia Fronda). It goes far beyond your company’s holiday party or branded merch. It’s ingrained in nearly every facet of our lives. The Gifting Effect entails more than quick gratification. It weaves your physical and emotional health together with your interpersonal skills, attention span, memory, and problem-solving capabilities.

You may be thinking, there’s no way gifting is that deep. But that’s where you’re wrong, my friend. It’s literally deep within your nervous system. Giving and receiving gratitude activates the parts of your brain associated with trust, pleasure, and social connection. The act of exchanging appreciation leads to better behavioral performance at work and in your personal life. But enough science talk. Let’s get down to how The Gifting Effect nurtures business deals and relationships. 

Nurturing Business Deals

Closing a sale, making a new hire, or landing a new client takes more effort than a conversation and a handshake. So why does the effort often stop once the deal is done? Incorporating gifting into your onboarding or sales process not only makes a stellar impression, but it also reinforces your understanding of who they are and what they need (assuming you choose the right gift). And this works on the front end of the deal, too! Research from the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) indicates that clients who received gifts were twice as likely to contact the salesperson compared to those who didn’t receive a gift.

Strengthening Relationships

Whether it’s a gift card for dinner, tickets to a local attraction, or something more personal like custom apparel or curated kits, tokens of appreciation can go a long way in strengthening relationships with clients or partners, increasing the likelihood of customer loyalty. Gifts also make great incentives during negotiations to give you a little leverage‌ — ‌this could be especially useful when dealing with difficult clients or negotiations that need an extra push towards getting started. Not everyone is great with words and affirmations, so even the simplest of gifts fill that gap to let people know that you value them.

Building Community

In a gifting culture, people pass on their blessings rather than stockpile them. My good fortune is your good fortune. More for me is more for you. We’re not simply exchanging physical objects. We’re creating meaningful moments that say, ‘Hey, I care about you and I am glad we get to work together.’ The Gifting Effect is a powerful tool you can leverage to strengthen your own personal community of customers, colleagues, partners, and prospects — all while making sure every business deal and relationship starts (and continues) on the right path. 

At the end of the day, our goal is to make you look good. Ready to put The Gifting Effect to the test? Let’s chat about your next game-changing brand experience.