For some, it’s been a year of adjustment, flexibility, and change in normal habits. For many though, it’s been a complete disruption in their daily lives including the loss of jobs and loved ones. This year has taken a toll on all of us both mentally and physically, and without the shared sacrifices of all, we wouldn’t be in the same position we are in today.

With every industry being affected by Covid-19 in different ways, it was important (and necessary) for us to pivot into a different role: sourcing, assembling, and distributing PPE (masks, gloves, face shields, sanitizer, and more). Doing so allowed us to hire over 40 people to assemble over 20,000 face shields a day in our warehouse in St. Louis Park, located just minutes outside of Downtown Minneapolis. Read more about our pivot to assembling, sourcing, and distributing PPE below: Imprint Engine Pivots To PPE

As part of our Imprint Impact program, we’re honored to announce our donation of over $115,000 in PPE equipment to M Health Fairview. This donation includes surgical grade masks and sanitizer. This equipment will be used directly by nurses, doctors, patients and visitors during their visit to the hospital. To learn more about the amazing work that they’re doing, click here: M Health Fairview

What we donated:

189,740 Ounces of Sanitizer

35,800 Face Mask

Imprint Impact is important to our team both personally and professionally.  We’re thankful that we’re in a position to be able to make this donation specifically at such an urgent and ongoing time/need. You can read more about Imprint Impact and some of the other great organizations we’ve been fortunate to be able to help here: Imprint Impact

We can’t thank our team enough for their hard work, patience and determination in helping with this (hopefully) once in a lifetime production/distribution of this equipment. It simply would not be possible without them. We’re thrilled at the opportunity to help where and when we can.