Celebrating 20 Years with DocuSign

3 Key Outcomes

Nearly 5,000 DocuSign employees worldwide enjoyed a streamlined, secure gifting experience, celebrating 20 years of success.

Imprint Engine’s smart sourcing and campaign design slashed DocuSign’s gift expenses by 30%, making a big impact on budget efficiency.

With only one reported delivery issue due to a sizing error, the campaign boasted near-perfect execution in delivering joy to DocuSign’s global team.


To celebrate its 20th Anniversary, DocuSign embarked on a global initiative to honor the achievements of its thousands of employees. The campaign aimed to provide a memorable, hassle-free gift selection and delivery experience worldwide.

Key Problems

The challenge involved securely collecting and storing employee data, offering a desirable gift selection, and ensuring timely, budget-friendly international deliveries without burdening recipients with logistical efforts.


To make this as efficient and turn-key as possible, Imprint Engine introduced an IEX gifting campaign, which involved a multifaceted approach to ensure a seamless and secure experience for selecting and delivering personalized gifts globally. They implemented a secure online platform to collect orders and addresses, collaborated with DocuSign’s IT for secure access, and designed the campaign with the brand team. By sourcing globally, they optimized costs and offered a choice of customizable gift kits, including an opt-out donation choice, ensuring recipients could choose a preferred item. This approach significantly reduced logistical complexities and costs, highlighting their innovative strategy in tackling the challenges of a global appreciation campaign.


This strategic approach resulted in an effortless experience for the ~5,000 participants, achieving a 30% cost saving for DocuSign on product spend with only one delivery issue (due to incorrect size selection by the user), showcasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the campaign and Imprint Engine’s full-service approach.