Earning Walmart’s Trust: A Story of Collaboration Across 3 Events

3 Key Outcomes

Over the course of 3 big events, Imprint Engine successfully delivered 250+ unique products for Walmart’s Sparkshop in under 4 months.

After Imprint Engine stepped in for the 2024 YBM (Year Beginning Meeting), Walmart’s sales didn’t just grow—they doubled—setting a new standard.

When Walmart said “fast,” we said “how fast?” Crushing deadlines that seemed impossible, Imprint Engine delivered on time, every time…almost like magic.


When Walmart encountered critical deadlines and complex requirements for three distinct events—the Shareholders event, SS Holiday, and Year Beginning Meeting (YBM)—they turned to Imprint Engine, a partnership that would demonstrate Imprint Engine’s unparalleled commitment, agility, and innovative solutions. Tasked with delivering over 250 unique SKUs across these events, each with its own set of challenges, Imprint Engine not only met but exceeded Walmart’s expectations, solidifying a trust-based partnership and setting new benchmarks for excellence.

Key Problems

  1. Urgent Timeframes: Walmart faced tight deadlines that traditional vendors could not meet, with requirements ranging from 50 to 150 unique SKUs needed in half the usual industry time.
  2. Quality and Branding Overhauls: Beyond the challenge of timelines, Walmart demanded high-quality products and, in one instance, a complete branding overhaul across 150 SKUs after production had commenced.
  3. Complex Logistics and Innovation: The projects necessitated rapid innovation in product design and logistics, including new product categories, unique decoration methods, and integration of Walmart’s intricate vendor and product management systems.


  1. Rapid, Flexible Response: Imprint Engine demonstrated exceptional flexibility and efficiency by redesigning products, recalculating costs, and revising production plans on the fly to accommodate Walmart’s evolving needs.
  2. Collaborative Innovation: Working closely with Walmart’s teams, Imprint Engine proposed new product concepts, elevated existing SKUs, and navigated logistical hurdles, all while managing the complexity of becoming an official Walmart vendor and integrating with Walmart’s systems.
  3. All-Hands-On-Deck Approach: The success of these projects was underpinned by an all-encompassing effort from Imprint Engine’s procurement, design, IT teams, and Walmart’s representatives, showcasing a willingness to do whatever it took to meet deadlines and exceed expectations.


  1. Unmatched Delivery and Quality: Imprint Engine successfully delivered all requested SKUs across the three events, meeting urgent deadlines, and providing high-quality products that enhanced the success of each event.
  2. Strong Partnership and Trust: Through its dedication and ability to meet challenging demands, Imprint Engine solidified a trust-based relationship with Walmart, proving itself as a reliable, agile, and innovative partner.
  3. Benchmark Setting Performances: The success of these projects set new benchmarks for on-site activations, with the 2024 YBM doubling the sales of the prior year and establishing a new standard for excellence.