Navigating College Complexity with Gopuff

3 Key Outcomes

Imprint Engine seamlessly managed the production and distribution of over 4 million promo items for Gopuff’s nationwide college campaign.

Our team helped achieve significant brand exposure across more than 300 universities, directly impacting student engagement with Gopuff.

It was all about teamwork and coordination. We connected with more than 500 contacts to get everything out on time and looking sharp.


Gopuff needed Imprint Engine’s help for their Back to College Campaign, which aimed to boost awareness and app conversions among college students through targeted marketing, on and off campuses.

Key Problems

The campaign’s success hinged on overcoming logistical challenges across numerous markets and stakeholders, with a tight three-week deadline for planning over 4 million units of 40+ SKUs to be delivered to 300+ universities, compounded by supply chain issues and last-minute design changes.


Imprint Engine’s solution for Gopuff’s Back to College Campaign involved an innovative approach to tackle the substantial logistical challenges of distributing promotional materials to over 300 universities nationwide. Unlike traditional distributors who rely on existing supply chains, Imprint Engine took proactive measures to source materials directly.

This direct sourcing was crucial to navigating the supply chain disruptions that could have derailed the campaign’s tight timeline. By establishing direct relationships with suppliers, Imprint Engine ensured the timely procurement of necessary materials, enabling the adaptation to design changes without compromising the campaign schedule. This hands-on, adaptive approach allowed for efficient production, reproduction, and distribution phases, which was pivotal in overcoming the obstacles presented by multiple design changes and stringent deadlines.


By staying hands on throughout the 6-week delivery process with 500+ different contacts, Imprint Engine made sure that the campaign was executed flawlessly, with all items produced, distributed on time, and on-brand, demonstrating IE’s capability to manage complex logistical operations efficiently.