From Chaos to Cohesion: Rethinking Logistics fo Uber Eats

3 Key Outcomes

Imprint Engine locked in Uber Eats’ look across the U.S. and Canada, making sure every piece of material matched up perfectly.

Streamlining and smart planning with Imprint Engine meant big savings for Uber Eats, making more room in the budget for what really matters.

Imprint Engine’s smart shipping process got materials directly to Uber Eats locations, slashing delays and simplifying the whole process.


Imprint Engine embarked on a multi-year partnership with Uber Eats, to launch and support its market presence across the United States and Canada. This collaboration involved overseeing the production of food delivery assets, event activations, uniforms, in-store point-of-purchase (POP) advertising, and restaurant activations. Imprint Engine played a pivotal role in supplying educational material and on-boarding kits to restaurants, thereby streamlining Uber Eats’ expansion and operational capabilities.

Key Problems

Uber Eats faced a significant challenge with market decentralization, as each market operated independently, requesting similar assets in small quantities but with varying branding requirements. This scenario presented logistical and branding consistency issues, complicating Uber Eats’ race to achieve market penetration. The decentralized asset request system led to inefficiencies in cost, branding uniformity, and logistics.


In response to these challenges, Imprint Engine adopted a dual-strategy approach. Initially, it met the immediate needs of each market by supplying the requested assets swiftly. Concurrently, Imprint Engine developed and implemented a large-scale program aimed at unifying branding across all collateral, ensuring volume-based cost savings, and minimizing shipping overheads. By centralizing the production and distribution of assets, and shifting to direct delivery of curated SKUs to individual locations, Imprint Engine significantly streamlined logistics. This strategic pivot involved reducing logistic touch points, transitioning from truckload deliveries through third-party distribution centers, thereby enhancing overall efficiency.


Imprint Engine’s proactive management and strategic planning culminated in a streamlined operational framework for Uber Eats. The large-scale program not only aligned branding across various markets but also achieved notable cost savings and reduced logistical complexities. Through centralizing assets and optimizing delivery systems, Imprint Engine facilitated direct, efficient distribution to locations, which in turn, supported Uber Eats’ growth and market penetration objectives. This partnership underscored Imprint Engine’s ability to adapt and manage large-scale, multifaceted campaigns, setting a benchmark in logistical and branding efficiency.