Streamlining Global Distribution & Consistency with Postman

3 Key Outcomes

We merged Postman’s old merch into our systems, boosting efficiency and enhancing their global brand impact with ease.

With our dedicated team in India, we’ve perfected Postman’s global distribution, ensuring their brand reaches every corner with precision and consistency.

Our consistent, top-notch support strengthened our relationship with Postman, prompting them to renew a long-term partnership with us.


Postman, an API platform that understood the power of building a strong brand, recognized the critical importance of maintaining their brand integrity across all branded merchandise, print, and apparel. Initially, they embarked on a journey to manage everything internally, from running their own Shopify store to handling their own third-party logistics and shipping, as well as collaborating with multiple vendors to procure the desired goods. However, this endeavor proved to be more challenging than anticipated.

Key Problems

The internal management of their branded merchandise was fraught with challenges. Vendors delivered inconsistent quality across products, global shipments frequently went missing, and the task of running their internal store escalated into a full-time job due to an overwhelming need for customer support. Faced with these challenges, Postman realized the necessity of finding a partner capable of consolidating the entire process.


Imprint Engine emerged as the trusted partner Postman was searching for. Offering a full-service approach, Imprint Engine took charge of the entire Swag program, encompassing sourcing and product curation, collaborating with Postman’s designers to ensure the branding was precisely right, managing all inventory, Shopify site management, global shipping, and customer support. Imprint Engine’s commitment to a white glove approach made them a true extension of the Postman team.


Two years into this fruitful partnership, Postman has consistently renewed their commitment to Imprint Engine. The transition of their old product/inventory into a centralized location was seamless, adherence to strict brand guidelines was impeccable, and the provision of immediate customer support to all users was unwavering. Furthermore, Imprint Engine’s proactive steps, such as establishing a production team and warehouse in India to serve Postman’s extensive employee base there, solidified their status as Postman’s indispensable partner.