T-shirt, notebook, and water bottle made out of plants, leaves & grass.


7 Sustainable Merchandise Ideas for Eco-Conscious Brands

In 2024, 90 percent of global consumers want companies to care about social and environmental issues. How can you become an eco-conscious brand that people want to interact with and buy from through sustainable merchandise ideas? Imprint Engine has more than a decade of experience helping brands create products that don’t end up in landfills […]

Business Journal 2021 Fast 50: Imprint Engine joins The List at No. 23

Posted on Fri Jan 7, 2022.

Read the full article here. Highlights Growth rate: 93.8% 2018 revenue: $3,606,815 2019 revenue: $5,741,682 2020 revenue: $6,990,043 Top executives: Travis Veit, Caleb Gilbertson, Zach Sussman Headquarters: St. Louis Park, MN Business: Provides promotional supplies like fliers and merchandise Employees at end of 2018: 14; Now: 42

Medium.com: Creating A Culture Of Wow

Posted on Thu Nov 11, 2021.

Pictured above left to right: Travis Veit (Founder & CCO), Caleb Gilbertson (Founder & CEO), & Zach Sussman (Partner & CMO) This article is a snippet from our recent article in Authority Magazine, part of Medium.com – Read the full article here There’s many things that go into creating a “culture of wow” I’ll provide […]

New Logo. Same Passion.

Posted on Thu Oct 28, 2021.

Over the past few years, we’ve gone through quite a few changes at Imprint Engine. Pivoting our business to help our clients adjust to the realities of Covid-19, rapidly increasing the size of our team, bringing decoration capabilities in house, and moving to a brand new corporate headquarters just to name a few. In 2021 […]

WCCO: Imprint Engine Donates Over $115,000 In PPE

Posted on Tue Jan 5, 2021.

For some, it’s been a year of adjustment, flexibility, and change in normal habits. For many though, it’s been a complete disruption in their daily lives including the loss of jobs and loved ones. This year has taken a toll on all of us both mentally and physically, and without the shared sacrifices of all, […]

Imprint Engine’s 5 W’s of Holiday Gifting

Posted on Mon Oct 12, 2020.

Who should our company be giving gifts to this holiday season? Identify who you’re giving gifts to. Be thoughtful about your list, being cognizant of relationships between potential recipients so that one client doesn’t receive something when another client is overlooked entirely. We’ve seen this happen many times, and it’s important to be intentional about […]

Purchase Behavior of G.I. Generation and The Silent Generation

Posted on Mon Aug 6, 2018.

Last week Imprint Engine’s blog focused on the purchase behavior of Baby Boomers. The last two generations we will be covering are the G.I. generation and The Silent Generation. The reason we have lumped these generations together is that a majority of their purchase behaviors are identical. Consumer Insights of Baby Boomers The G.I. or Greatest […]